Reasons Why You Need NBFC Software

Reasons Why You Need NBFC Software

Reasons Why You Need NBFC Software

Non-Banking Financial Companies (NBFCs) form a vital part of the Indian financial system. They play an essential role in financial inclusion by enhancing competition and diversification in the financial sector.


Our NBFC Software


The NBFC sector in India has undergone a noteworthy revolution over the past few years. It has come to be recognized as one of the systemically important components of the financial system and has shown consistent year-on-year growth.


The influence of NBFCs, along with their robust understanding of the market, makes them a better substitute to the traditional ways of banking. The end-users of NBFCs, even in far-flung rural pockets, are increasingly adopting digital as a way of daily life & expect their financial provider to be tech-savvy too.


The agile NBFC Software Solution to expand your business rapidly and help innovate.


C.B. Online NBFC Software is a comprehensive, integrated, customizable, cutting-edge solution, designed to manage the complete loan lifecycle. It enables consumers to implement custom-made products within minutes and automate their business processes thus improving the overall operational efficiency.


Our Lending Management Software for NBFCs & NBFC Start-ups empowers the organization to optimize its operational risks and decrease manual intermediation to fortify their workflow. The omnichannel Loan Management Solution for Non-Banking Financial Companies allows consumers to initiate and screen their loan applications across mobile and online channels and also delivers seamless customer experience.


With NBFCs business focus now on stringent timelines, the C.B. Online NBFC Software is recommended as a best loan management solution which is available as an off the shelf offering that can be easily deployed


Key Features

  • Automated End to End loan management
  • Paperless Loan Sourcing
  • Mobile-First & Cloud Ready Interface
  • Integrated Accounting Engine
  • Dynamic Workflow Management
  • Powerful Rule Engine
  • Seamless Integration with External APIs
  • Agility



  • Reduced Process Time
  • Real-Time accounting to improve Cash Management
  • Risks Mitigation due to instant Insurance operationalization
  • Unified Solution saves efforts required for the Reconciliation
  • Improved Operational efficiency due to integrated Solution


Loan Life Cycle Management


  1. Lead Generation

Omni Channel Lead Generation. Activities like Lead initiation and categorization, Lead qualification with credit bureau integration, Lead bucketing, QDE (Quick Data Entry), and Customer Onboarding are performed seamlessly.


  1. Loan Origination System

Loan Application to Disbursement, Covers the Entire Workflow. Whether you are onboarding an individual client or a group, with our NBFC loan Origination System you could complete the entire process in a matter of minutes.


  1. Loan Management System

Disbursement to Loan Closing covers the entire lifecycle. C.B. Online Loan Management System facilitates End-to-end Loan Management functionality for all types of loans & Advances. NBFC Loan Management Solution (LMS) offers a Configurable Product rule engine consisting of Limit Frame Work, Collateral Setup, Recovery Appropriation Policy, Interest & Changes Structure, etc.


  1. Collections

NBFC Lending Collections software help track & manage delinquent consumers and minimize delinquencies using tighter supervision. The system facilitates proactive actions through all stages from soft calling to hard bucket collections.


  1. Mobility First Approach

C.B. Online Lending Mobile Application Suite helps improve operational efficiency due to integrated solutions and the mobility solution has enabled the field force resulting in higher loan disbursements & higher market penetration.


  1. Business Analytics

Make rapid, more informed lending decisions and strengthen customer lending business management with Lending Analytics. This helps banks to drive revenue & profits and reduce risks.

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